Qi Gong Modular Practice

Integral Qi Gong  for Meditator’s, and Martial Artists, Modula Practice

I provide group or one to one training and coaching in any of the exercises and practice listed below. A personalized modular practice can be created to suit an individuals particular goals and interests. One month or 100-day programs of practice are a long-standing tradition within the Daoist Internal Arts and Meditation. This is a way of engaging in an ongoing Integral Transformation Practice whilst remaining in society. This is one of the meanings of an Internal Art as it was developed as a house-holder practice, to be engaged with for a daily practice whilst remaining in life rather than becoming external to society by retreating to a monastery.

Integral Qi Gong. For Health & Meditation

  • Immortal  Daoist Eight Ba Duan Jin longevity Exercises.
  • Dragon Tiger Seven Qi Meridian Healing Exercises.
  • Zan Zhuan Standing Postures For Meditation.

Integral Meditation. For Self-Cultivation & Self Realisation.

  • Secret Of The Golden Flower Meditation.
  • Vipassana Insight Meditation.
  • Dzogchen Geat Completion Meditation.

Integral Tai Chi/ Qi-Nei Gong. For Fitness, Strength & Martial Arts.

  • Wu Tai Chi Gong  & Silk Reeling Exercises.
  • Wudang Qi-Nei Gong 12 Yin Inner Potential Exercises.
  • Wudang Qi-Nei Gong 12 Yang Inner Potential Exercises.