Nine Level Teaching Certification

Nine Level Teacher Certification System

Peer Reviewed by Sifu Dan Docherty and Tai Chi Union Of Great Britain.

Level 1     Jing     Essence                   Junior Instructor

Level 2     Ming   Comprehension    Assistant Instructor

Level 3     Zhi       Judicious                Basic Instructor

Level 4     Hui       Vitality                    Intermediate Instructor

Level 5     Qian    Humility                  Senior Instructor

Level 6     Xu        Void                           Advanced Instructor

Level 7     Ren     Fortitude                   Master Instructor

Level 8    Rang   Oral                            Chief Instructor

Level 9    Yu        Fool                            Principal Instructor


Level 1     Tai Chi/Qi Gong exercises, Basic Posture, Seven Stars, Single Hand Push Hands.

Level 2    Short Hand Form , Basic Self Defence, Nine Palace, Four Directions.

Level 3     Long hand Form, Short Form mirror, SpearForm, Tai Chi/Qi Gong exercises continued.

Level 4     Short Hand Form mirror, Spear Form mirror, Bai Shi (ritual initiation of student teacher relationship & start of Nei Gong training).

Level 5     Advanced Short Hand Form, Saber Form, Nei Gong 12 Yin, Philosophy & Theory, Athletic Tai Chi conditioning exercises.

Level 6     Sword Form, Advanced Short Form mirror, Most Self Defence, Complete 12 Yin Nei Gong, Complete Push hand drills static and moving.

Level 7     12 Yang Nei Gong exercises, all 48 San Shou Self defence applications, 8 Forces for each weapon, Mirror Weapon Forms.

Level 8     Cai Lang, Six Secret Words, Fe Hua Zhang, Reverse Long Hand Form, Full Weapons Applications, additional influencing factors.

Level 9     All aspects of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan + many additional influencing factors.


Additional Influencing Factors     

In addition to the above, any Level can be influenced by:

Good attitude; entering, judging, refereeing or helping at Tai Chi Chuan competitions or tournaments.

Regulare attendance of classes, seminars, workshops & camps,helping organise and teaching classes, attending Judging  or Refereeing seminars and related competition training, serving on the Tai Chi Union Of Great Britain committee.

Creating good publicity for Tai Chi, contributing towards the Tai Chi community, creating and maintaining links with the tai chi international community. Broadening your own and other people’s general knowledge about the development and benefits of Tai Chi/Qi gong, writing tai Chi/Qi Gong related articles and reviews, etc.