Tai Chi Chuan Syllabus


Hand Forms

The hand forms are leant first to the Right and then to the left.
Short Form.
Advanced Short Form.
Long Form.

Weapon Forms

Spear Form – 13 Techniques Spear.

Saber Form – Xuan Xuan Do.

Sword Form – Qian Kun Jian.

Two Man Weapons Forms.



San Sau – Self Defence applications are divided into the following subdivisions.

Die Pu – To make the opponent fall and then hit him (or to hit him so that he falls).

Shuai Jiao – Grappling techniques including throwing, sweeping and tripping.

Qin Na – Seizing and holding, including locking and grip strike techniques.

Dim Mak (Dian Xue) – Attacking vital points with locks and strikes, etc.


Weapon Applications

Applications and partner drills are taught for each of the weapons.


Nei Gong

Comprising 12 Yin and 12 Yang  Inner Potential Exercises.


Qi Gong

Imortal Family Eight Pieces of the Brocade.


Pushing Hands

Training in understanding Jin- trained  inner force. This includes the 13 tactics which comprise the 8 forces and the 5 stepping patterns.

Fixed Step Push Hands Drills

Four Directions

Single Hand

Fu Yang,

Reeling Silk

Zhou  Lu

Free Style fixed step – improvisation & competition training


Moving Step Push Hands

Seven Stars

Nine Palace

Da Lu

Restricted Step

Gathering the Wave

Push absorption training

Free Style moving step – improvisation & competition training


Tai Chi Chuan, theory, key concepts and classics.

Integral  subtle energies  & Biotensegrity theory.

Six Secret Words (These words represent practical fighting concepts).